Carmen Cozma
Pages 85-90
DOI: 10.5840/cultura2005227


Because our soul is touched and moved at its deepest levels. In contact with music, a spiritual tumult invades our entire being; and we are revealed to ourselves in a new and previously unknown way. Face to face with the harmonious sounds — giving music the status of an artistic “text” — we find opportunities — maybe the best possible — to unfold our unique capacity to participate in, understand and even interpret /fe’s expanse. We put ourselves in the state of better self-knowledge and comprehension, by that hermeneutic polarity of “proximity and detachment” — according to Paul Ricoeur’. When we listen to music, each of us gives ourselves the chance to live the “absolute moment” — meaning, “at the same time, self-denial and sclf-mediation”. Everything that tears one away from anything restores the whole of totality of ‘being’, the subject installs himself in the profundity of “meaning’s continuity”

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