Magdalena Iorga
Pages 123-129
DOI: 10.5840/cultura20074125


A large part of the studies in academic ethics area reveal that, in the last 50 years, if we are considering the students’ moral development level, the category of student deviancy” covers, in fact, the persons who are not having at all any academic dishonesty behavior — they were not included or they did not practice, even one time, any academic misconduct, during their academic years. Many researches pointed the general problems of academic ethics and studied less these problems in different disciplines or faculties. The academic unethical problems are seen as “intellectual theft” and considered by many authors as organic in our society. Academic dishonesty has a lot of forms and, according to Kenneth C. Petress, they are very close to the activity of teachers, parents, managers or to the school board. This author also believes that plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct are numerous and diverse and, no less, they are familiar to all partners involved in it. “Some of the more familiar such behavior include: coping test responses from a classmate; taking exams for others; doing another’s assignment; not citing others’ work included in course papers, take home exams, or other assignments; and purchasing research papers from companies too willing to sell these to unscrupulous students”. Other less known academic dishonesty methods are: the manufacture of tests or quotation or other written materials with invented sources, having in advance exams copies from different sources or persons, sabotaging lab experiments or works, illegal access to computer schools data, marks or records. | Cummings, Rhoda, Maddux, D. Cleborne, Harlow, Steve, Dyas, Lynn, “Academic misconduct in undergraduate teacher education students and its relationship to their principal moral reasoning”, Journal of Instructional Psychology, December 2002 2 Petress, C. Kenneth, “Academic dishonesty: A plague on our profession”, Fducation, Spring, 2003

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