Mihaela Mocanu
Pages 267-270
DOI: 10.5840/cultura20107141


The author of the How to White a Scientific Text is the Manager of the Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Public Administration and Communication, inside ”Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, having an extensive experience in the department and also regarding the drafting of written texts, if we consider the list of articles and works that belong to him. The first edition of the book How to Write a Scientific Text appeared in February 2008, but the author felt the need of a return, with additions and adjustments of the initial text, also clarifying some issues briefly presented in the first edition. The content of the book represents the material of a course taught by Professor Ilie Rad at the Faculty of Journalism; this feature is obvious in the extremely rigorous structure of the paper, in the richness of examples and the clarity of exposure. The author justifies his approach by lack of unity and coherence as far as designing scientific works is concerned, containing design and drafting errors seized in time. The book addresses students, but also teachers, MA and PhD students and to all people that have to write all kinds of scientific texts during their activity. The work is based on educational ground and was born after the author identified students’ difficulties while writing their BA paper especially, but also when they were supposed to write essays, communications and other types of written papers during their academic 267