George D. Stănciulescu
Pages 264-266
DOI: 10.5840/cultura20107140


Gérard Pelé is a lecturer at the National School “Louis Lumicre” from Paris, PhD in Sciences of Art and a researcher at the Institute of Aesthetics of Technologies and Arts, whose current chairman is professor Costin Miereanu, a French composer and philosopher of Romanian origin. His third published volume, entitled “Musical inesthetics of the XX-th century”, was edited by IDEAT’s own publishing house and unravels the problems of music in its most stirred context, from the modernist avant- guard until the later wave of what we call postmodern age, in an extensive study combining a refined esthetical approach with the technical and historical accuracy of a long time researcher in the field and also with deeply rooted hints to the field of traditional philosophy of culture. From the beginning, through a well-thought motto extracted from the infamous Jean Cocteau’s “Les enfants terribles”, we have a relevant metaphor that could resume all the odyssey of the latest century, after which we are invited to some considerations on the transdisciplinarity of art, in the first chapter of the book. Mr. Pelé emphasizes on the border- transgressing tendencies that generally defined the XX-th century art and music, so highly infectious yet equally seducing, by stating John Cage’s originally buddhist inspired thoughts: “Art has to be nothing more but an explosion of Life, and precisely as Life itself, an explosion of Hazard” (p. 406), thus marking a considerably broader areal of experimentation for the 264