Jinghua Guo, Asunción López-Varela Azcárate
Pages 7-8
DOI: 10.3726/CUL.2017.01.01


The One Asia Community is helping to promote cultural exchanges between Asia and the rest of the world in order to strengthen cultural ties. In this light of cross-cultural dialogue, this thematic issue explores cross-cultural practices between the East and the West from a semiotic perspective.
Because culture is always national, but also always international and transnational, research papers in the issue focus on how signifying semiotic inter-actions, in the form of cultural representations, transcend the specificity of a given nation in multidirectional ways.

Cultural representations are strategic and intuitive roadmaps, often foretelling and looking ahead as they contemplate the present and the past. In this sense, the papers included in the volume can be contemplated as strategies that attempt to map transcultural situations. This conception of representations as strategies for handling public cultural content deals with situations that overlap from location to location and from one historical period to another, acquiring universal relevance and becoming cross-cultural.