I Wayan Mudra
Pages 49-63
DOI: 10.3726/CUL.2018.01.03


The existence traditional pottery in Banjar Basangtamiang, Kapal Village, Mengwi Sub-district, Badung Regency cannot be separated from the influence of global culture. The pottery craft center still serves the needs of the local community in Bali, even though there are various types of pottery from outside of Bali as a competitor. This article aims to describe the existence of traditional pottery craft in Banjar Basangtamiang as a cultural heritage on the global era. This research was done on 2016–2017. The collection of data was done using observation, interview, and documentation. The results show traditional pottery craft in Banjar Basangtamiang Kapal Village is a hereditary culture lived by artisans to the extent called as heritage. Thiscraft survives despite the existence of the pottery from outside Bali that is being sold in Bali and the global influence in artisans’ life. The factors influencing this existence is that traditional pottery is needed by Hindu community in Bali as a mean for religious, custom, and cultural ceremonies. The artisan would not leave their occupation as pottery crafter in fear of experiencing calamity. Nowadays, the young generations are less interested in pursuing this occupation.