Shunqing Cao, Xin Chen
Pages 55-70


In “Formations of World Literature(s) and Shaw’s The Man of Destiny in Chinese and Japanese Translation” Shunqing Cao and Xin Chen expand Franco Moretti’s dictum that “world literature is not an object, it’s a problem” to elaborate that the concept of world literature(s) is in some sense a problematic one, which is itself under a process of problematization. Cao and Chen discuss how variation and heterogeneity contribute to a more in-depth understanding of formations of world literature(s). Taking the Bernar Shaw’s The Man of Destiny they discuss the writer’s presence in world literature from a bi-lateral perspective: Shaw’s work in the English-speaking West and Shaw in Asia. For the former, Shaw stands in a specific place in recent postcolonial Irish Studies and thus raise problems for their research paradigm. For the latter, Cao and Chen present an analytical comparison between a Chinese and a Japanese translation of The Man of Destiny. Cao and Chen argue that by such a bilateral approach we may recognize the importance of heterogeneity so as to obtain further reflections on present discussions of world literature(s).